Order of Protection

Order of Protection

| Jun 15, 2020 | Firm News

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, an order for protection is an important tool to protect yourself against further abuse. Domestic abuse is when your partner or a member of your household causes you bodily harm, threatens to cause you harm or puts fear in you of physical harm. You can ask the courts to enter an order of protection on your behalf to stop this abuse.

An order for protection can stop the abuse by prohibiting future abuse and harm by the assailant, excluding the perpetrator from your home and your place of work, as well as preventing contact through third parties.  We at Fiddler Osband can assist you with this. As your attorney, we can file the necessary paperwork with the courts to request an order for protection. The courts may approve your request immediately and then offer the other party a chance to contest the order. If the other party contests the order, we can represent you in those proceedings to request that the court keep the order. We will fight for your protection by presenting available evidence and testimony on your behalf.

Orders for protection can also protect any children in your custody who are also in need of protection. You need not have immigrant status to qualify for an order of protection either.

If you need assistance with an order for protection please call us.

Thank you and stay healthy and safe.