Open or Closed? Which kind of adoption suits your family?

Open or Closed? Which kind of adoption suits your family?

| May 9, 2018 | Firm News

Growing your family through adoption is a major decision that opens up even more questions. One of the earliest considerations for families thinking about adoption is the question of open vs. closed adoption.

Types of Adoption

Closed adoption, also called confidential adoption, means that the files of the birth parents are sealed. As the adoptive parents, you will not have contact with your child’s birth parents. Open adoption is the opposite; you and your child will have direct contact with the birth parents via visits, phone calls, letters, and other means of communication. Some families choose semi-open adoption, in which contact with the birth family goes through an attorney or mediator.

Benefits of Open Adoption

With open adoption, your child will have knowledge about his or her heritage and ancestors. This is especially important when it comes to medical history. Birth parents typically play a role in choosing the adoptive parents in an open adoption. This choice is best for families who will feel comfortable with their child establishing a relationship with the birth family. Honest communication among both families is necessary to provide the child with a positive, healthy experience.

Benefits of Closed Adoption

Completely closed adoption is rare in the United States, though it was once the norm. Parents may choose this option if they suspect they will have difficulty feeling secure in their role if the child also has a relationship with his or her biological parents. In Minnesota, children who are adopted in a closed adoption can request a copy of their original birth record after age 19, provided the birth parent has given permission to release this information.

An experienced adoption lawyer can help you determine whether closed or open adoption is the best option for your family. If you need a Minnesota adoption attorney, trust the knowledge and compassion of Fiddler Osband, LLC.