Answers to 10 Common Adoption Questions

Answers to 10 Common Adoption Questions

| Feb 15, 2018 | Firm News

Adoption is a lengthy and often complex process that leaves many potential parents confused, not knowing where to turn. Fiddler Osband, LLC can help anyone considering adoption in Minnesota find the answers they need. We’ll take you through the ten most common questions and their answers.

1. How Many Children Are Waiting For Adoption?

There are currently over one hundred thousand children in the U.S. waiting for permanent homes.

2. Can I Receive Additional Info on the Child I Wish to Adopt?

Most agencies can include additional information about specific children not found on a web description. Some information is confidential and the social worker will want to see if a parent is serious before sharing anything.

3. Could Biological Relatives Take the Child Later?

Birth parents must forfeit all legal parenting rights once the adoption process starts. Biological parents have no claim to a child once the process is finalized.

4. Can I Adopt a Child From Another State?

Yes, there are laws in place to remove geographical restrictions so that the child can be placed in a good home more quickly. Fiddler Osband, LLC is a qualified Minnesota Adoption attorney ready to help with this process.

5. Can I Adopt a Child From a Different Racial Background Than Me?

Yes, the MEPA act ensures that race is not a factor when determining placement opportunities for children in need.

6. How Long Does the Process Take?

The whole process has a pre-placement stage that occurs before the child lives with you, and a post-placement stage that monitors your household for a mandated period after the child arrives. The time frames vary but are typically between two and seven years for a healthy baby.

7. How is Foster Care Different?

Foster care is a temporary solution for a child in need of a home. The plan is usually for the birth parents to reestablish a connection. Should that fail, the child is placed for adoption.

8. How Do I Adopt a Small Infant?

If you wish to adopt a baby or toddler, public and private adoption agencies, private adoption between you and a parent or identified adoption are all options. A qualified adoption lawyer in Minneapolis can help you understand the differences.

9. How Do I Start the Process?

There are online courses available for family preparation, informational packets, or simply asking various agencies about the programs they offer.

10. What Will Adoption Cost Me?

Because of their great needs, it is relatively inexpensive to adopt special needs children. Costs for healthy infants can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to thirty thousand or more.